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About the product :

Fleece lenses are made of Polymacon material, with a diameter of 14.2, and a water content of 43%, which makes your eyes completely comfortable due to moisturizing.

The expiry date is one day after the first use.

Instructions for use:

- Wash your hands with soap and water.

Put the lens on your index finger.

Gently lift the upper eyelid.

Gently pull the lower eyelid down.

Look to the side and place the lens on the sclera (the white area).

Look forward until the lens is centered in the corner.

- Avoid eye exposure to dust directly

- Avoid getting soap or cosmetics inside the eye.

- Avoid using lenses more than the allowed period.

Avoid using lenses after the expiration date.

- Lenses should be kept in the solution after use.